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Welcome to Dodd Coffee™ a local Houston coffee roaster, we would like to start by thanking you for taking the time to visit our site and learn a little more about our company, our coffee, or just coffee in general. This is the time where we get to brag a little and basically talk about ourselves. Bare with us, we promise to keep it short and sweet so you can get to the good stuff.

We are a pair of artisan coffee roasters with a true love of good coffee. We roast in small batches, usually less than 6 pounds at a time, to ensure that our coffee has an even roast and maintains the quality that we have set for our products. There are no PID controllers or algorithms. We watch, smell, listen and react to beans how the beans are reacting to set our roasting times. We note the approximate setting, but each batch is a little different, basically a new story to be told. This is how we know each roast will meet our high standards, and be at its absolute best coffee in Houston.


US Roaster Flame Drum Roaster

Our pride and joy is a a US Roaster Flame Drum Roaster. This is the roaster that the coffee you purchase will be roasted in. For our testing purposes of new green beans, we use a Behmor (cupping) Roaster. Since beans change with every season, we are constantly testing on both roasters to ensure that your product is of the highest quality.

We offer the best coffee in Houston from light roast to vienna espresso. It all depends on your taste, and we guarantee that we have a bean that will match whatever taste you are seeking. Since some of our customers do like to roast their own beans, we offer a selection of green coffee beans, this does change over the seasons. We like to have a wide variety of beans to play around with, so check back often to see what exotic green beans we may have at any given time. We also offer a small selection of basic coffee equipment for those that are looking to broaden their coffee brewing options. What we do not offer is any type of syrups, flavorings, or other coffee shop supplies.


One of Houston’s Best Coffees

We ensure that every bag of coffee your purchase will not only meet your expectation, but exceed them. We spend our time and resources finding only the finest quality green coffee. This enables us to guarantee that our coffee is at its finest at roasting. Since we roast to order, you will never receive any shelved coffee. Once ordered, your coffee will go from roasted to your door in three days or less. The freshness of our product is something that we pride ourselves on.

We enjoy a short brag, but more-enjoy being a local Houston Coffee Roaster. Once again we thank you for taking the time to visit our company, and look forward to you enjoying our coffee for years to come. If you need to reach us, feel free to give us a call, or write. We enjoy hearing from our customers, after all, without you, we wouldn’t be doing what we love.

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