Farm Notes

The dry fragrance shows a pleasant nutty sweetness at City+, peanut butter cookie, with a shade of dark cocoa behind it. The wet aroma only seems to accentuate the peanut butter cookie note, with smells of warm baked cookies in the steam, along with a toffee/nut brittle note. The brewed coffee has an underlying bittering roast quality that flows through cup, accented by hints of peanut taffy, and other sweets made with nuts and toasted sesame. Darker roasts have a bittersweet cocoa aspect that brings out a nice flavor of dark chocolate covered nut. I pulled an excellent shot of my Full City roast after resting for 48 hours. The texture was so creamy and dense, with sharp flavors of bittersweet dark chocolate that had the richness and depth of flourless torte. Awesome espresso on its own, but also would function well as a blend base too.

Cupping Notes

Fazenda Bom Jesus is located in Cristais Paulistas, in the northeastern part of São Paulo, not far from Minas Gerais. Spanning an altitude range of 900 to 1100 meters above sea level doesn’t quite sound so “alta”, however it is technically the high part of the region! The farm is planted in a mixture of Mundo Novo (natural cross between Bourbon and Typica), and Catuaí (Mundo Nova and Caturra cross), and apparently a lot of the land is a natural forest preserve that’s home to many animals and plant species indigenous to the region. The coffee is full natural, dry process coffee. This means that it is dried inside the coffee cherry fruit. That’s a lot of excess moisture to release, and usually takes upwards of 3 weeks for the green seed within to fully dry down to a moisture level of 10%. Dry process coffees often have big body, low acidity, and sometimes fruit flavors from the fermentation that occurs while drying. Bom Jesus certainly shows those first two characteristics, and proved to be an excellent choice for chocolate-laden single origin espresso, as well as a body/bittersweet base ingredient for blending. We haven’t visited Bom Jesus ourselves, and as such, don’t have our own photos of the farm (or any for that matter!). Instead, we’ve included a few general photos of other farms we’ve visited nearby.