Farm Notes

This coffee comes from the Agahore farm and wet mill site in Gaterama village, located in the Gitega area. Bugendana Commune. With the Mubarazi River running through the land, they have good access to clean water for wet processing. That’s a bit of a moot point for this particular lot, a dry process experiment of sorts, processed in small batches in order to isolate some of the best resulting cups, and using no water whatsoever. We found the berry sweetness to be compelling at varying roast levels, and as intense as any of our dry process coffees from other origins. The cultivars planted are mostly Bourbon, but they are also growing a small amount of Gesha as well as a couple others.

Cupping Notes

This dry processed lot from Agahore Station is brimming with jammy and rustic fruit notes no matter where you wind up along the roast spectrum. City+ roasts have smells of ripe and dried blueberry, fruit jam, and with wine-like, over-ripe fruits. Despite the intense bittersweet roast smells found at Full City+, dark fruit smells still infuse the aromatic profile, plum jelly, and berry-laced cacao bar come to mind, along with an intense, rustic undertone. My first sips of a City+ brew bring to mind blackberry reduction and pancake syrup, the finish giving off more of the wine/balsamic type fruited notes. This is an intense coffee all-around, with a thick layer of rustic, earth-toned flavors that recalls classic Ethiopian Harar coffees. Full City and Full City+ roasts have immense body, and bittersweetness is matched by rustic fruit notes. This coffee from the Agahore Station shows intense dry process flavor characteristics and should satisfy those longing for wild, berry-toned DPs.