Farm Description

This is a custom blend we pieced together from many samples from the areas of La Plata, Huila and Inzá, Cauca. Though La Plata and Inzá are in different Departments altogether (Huila and Cauca respectively), they straddle the Paéz river, connected at a few spots along the way by bridges; hence the name, Valle de los Puentes, or “Valley of Bridges”. On our trips to this region it’s a toss up where to stay the night, as the cooperatives that we work with as well as many of the farms are very close to each other. That makes multiple farm visits on the easier side, though I wouldn’t call driving along many of the back roads “easy” (some of the bumpiest I’ve encountered!). The region is home to some very high altitude farms, many breaching the 2000 meter mark, the coffee from this lot harvested from altitudes ranging from about 1500 to 2000 meters above sea level. The way we make up these regional blends is by cupping several samples from the individual farms, separating out those that meet a certain cup criteria, and then blending them together. It’s a great benefit to us (and not to mention the cup) having this level of quality control with our Colombian blends. This particular lot is made up from 9 different producers, the smallest lot being just under 1 bag, the largest weighing in at 11 bags. Most farmers use old style hand-cranked pulpers, fermenting and washing in the same tank (the first pic is of a dual-use tank), and then drying out on raised, covered beds.

Cupping Notes

The dry fragrance has a healthy dose of brown sugar sweetness all the way up to Full City (and probably beyond), along with smells of malted milk balls and cinnamon bark. The wet crust of City+ roasts have fragrant panela sugar sweetness, more of the malt aspects sensed in the grinds, and a nice mixture of dry fruit and nut smells. These lighter to middle roasts show a persistent sweetness in the hot cup, with subtle fruit and nut notes as you progress through the cup. A flavor of brown sugar and butter candied nut emerges as the cup cools, along with dried golden apple, allusions to pecan pie, and subtle cacao nib accent. Full City sees an increase in dark chocolate tones as you might expect, and body is near the weight of fruit juice. City+ to Full City is a nice tight roast range for a daily drinking type coffee, and for those who desire a Colombian espresso option go Full City – Roasted Coffee Pictorial Guide. “>Full City+: expect chocolate syrup and creamy nut tones, viscous mouthfeel, and bittersweetness that endures.