Farm Description

Finca Buenos Aires Estates is a fairly large farm of about 215 hectares in the Jinotega growing region. On our visits to Buenos Aires mill we cup through small batches from the farm, and have been impressed with the clean sweetness of their cultivar-specific process batches. It’s really no surprise the they earn regular placement in the Cup of Excellence competitions. This is a small dry process, all Caturra cultivar lot separation. These micro lots are given special attention. The cherry is floated to remove under and overripe cherries, then laid to dry on raised African beds. The cherry is then hand picked over the time it takes to dry on the beds, generally around 3 weeks. At 1200 meters, Finca Buenos Aires is a somewhat low farm compared to other origins we buy from. Yet this farm produces some of our best Nicaraguan lots each year.

Cupping Notes

Big berry smells are released when grinding the coffee, along with a scent of green tree nuts like pistachios. The wet aroma is very sweet and fruited. Dark berry and dried fruit smells are captured in the steam, reaching a wine-like quality in my darkest roast (Full City). The cup is fruit-forward at a wide range of roasts, berry highlights being the most obvious characteristic. Blueberry, blackberry, jammy, and sweet, this fruited natural is definitely a cup that illustrates how different coffee can taste depending on how it was processed. Nut tones proliferate as the coffee cools too, almond, pistachio and more. It is a Nicaraguan coffee after all. And with the fruited character, culminates in a flavor combination that’s like dried fruit and nut rolls. Full City roasts have an appealing bittersweet roast flavor that compliments the fruit and nut tones and equates to a delicious darker roasted brew.