Farm Notes

Granjeros de las Brumas is a single farmer coffee from an estate in the Jinotega region. This mountainous zone is commonly referred to as “Ciudad Las Brumas”, or the City of Clouds/Mists, due to the high altitudes and clouds that come with a convergence of microclimates. The mill where this coffee is from is part of RAMACAFE, a joint effort between two families (Figueroa-Hueck and Poncon) with farms in both Jinotega and Matagalpa. This particular lot is a crowd-pleasing, bittersweet coffee, that shows well in the middle and darker roast ranges. It’s versatile in brew method too, producing big bodied cups as well as chocolatey espresso.

Cupping Notes

This coffee from Jinotega excels at either drip or espresso, where chocolate bittering is the underlying flavor note and body is thick with a heavy, lactic mouthfeel. Espresso roasts show moderate level of sweetness with notes of burned sugar wrapped up in a bittering flavor of cocoa powder. Las Brumas’ viscous liquor saturates your tongue and allows intimations of almond-like nut notes to mingle with a coating of heavy chocolate roast flavors. Acidity is mild but decent, though far from “bright”, and manages to add a malic shimmer to the Drip roasts in particular. It’s versatile in brew method, producing big bodied cups as well as chocolatey espresso.