Farm Description

Ysauro Tocto is a member of a cooperative in the district of Lonya Grande, in the northern Peruvian province of Utcubamba. This relatively new association has already ballooned to around 250 members and were able to obtain both Fair Trade and Organic certification, a boon to farmer payments. Farmers grow a mix of cultivars: Typica, Caturra, Bourbon, Castillo, and Catimor to name a few. Bean size varies given the range of coffee types (roughly 16 – 19 screen), but we found roast evenness even at City roast level. Ysauro’s farm “Mirador” is 1.5 hectares in size and sits at roughly 1500 meters above sea level.

Cupping Notes

This coffee from Ysauro Tocto is a crowd pleasing cup at a wide roast range. Sweet and bittering flavors find equilibrium when roasted to City+ all the way up to Full City+, though the lighter roasts show subtle fruited tones too. The dry fragrance has a sweetness like turbinado sugar, along with powdered cocoa and almond meal. At City+, you’re met with smells of chocolate cookie in the wet aroma. Bittersweetness is a core element all along our recommended roast range, but City+ roasts have a nice apple-like undertone that comes up once the coffee has cooled off a bit. The mouthfeel is also juicy, the finish marked by flavors of cocoa-dusted almond. Expect chocolate bittersweets to obfuscate the fruited aspects when roasting to Full City and Full City+. Dark roasts are prime options for cafe au latte and certainly deserve a run through your espresso machine.