Farm Notes

This coffee is the product of a newly-started coffee cherry buying operation in the Haupu tribal region of Timor Leste. A wet mill was erected on land owned by a local leader and the buying operation began. The wet mill is called “Lutlala”, also the name of the hamlet within which it located, and is owned by a local leader. This particular lot comes from a farmer’s group “Loiludo”, located in a part of Dukurai Village called Lebululi. The 17 farmers who form the Loiludo group are situated on the surrounding slopes, whose land spans an altitude range of 1500 – 1700 meters above sea level. You mostly see Timor hybrids and Typica cultivars in this region, and the coffee is grown organically, though not certified. While some coffee is processed at Lutlala, the Loiludo group wet process their own coffee down to parchment and then deliver to Lutlala. The coffee is processed traditionally, using locally made, rustic hand-crank depulping machines (see the first photo), fermented in buckets for up to 36 hours, and then dried on tarps.

Cupping Notes

Loiludo makes a nice and simple, crowd pleasing brew when roasted to City+ and beyond. Those looking for a good dark roast option will find balanced bittersweetness in Loiludo all the way up to 2nd Cracks. The sweet smells and flavors are like sticky molasses, flanked by hints of rice syrup and roasted nut. Dark roast development is a boon to body, giving this coffee sturdy structure and appealing mouthfeel, as does a mild level of acidity. Chocolate bittersweets are a highlight in the Full City/Full City+ roast levels, with hazelnut chocolate and cacao nib notes that lead into cocoa powder flavors in the aftertaste. This one’s all aces for espresso too, rich, chocolatey notes, and creamy mouthfeel point to the classic espresso flavors of a washed Central American coffee.